Welcome to the Webpage for African Languages AAS/LNG 339. This course was taught in Spring of 2014. Students in this course researched languages and then created webpages about these languages, highlighting the dimensions of language we discussed in class. To view student projects, click here.

For student projects from Spring 2013, click here.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Ms. Adichie’s message about the importance of mulitiple stories really resonanted with me. She crystalized for me the fact that if we only have one story about something, we tend to have a simplistic and convenient stereotype. When we start getting or seeking multiple stories, we develop richer, multi-faceted images that are more complex and that more accurately reflect reality. I particularly liked Ms. Adichie’s descriptions of how she herself has at times fallen prone to this tendency to sterotype, I think this showed personal humility and intellectual honesty.

  2. Lauren Ballesteros says:

    It is so accurate for Ms. Chimamanda to say that we all have multiple stories. But people love to create a single story.

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