Video: Lost Libraries of Timbuktu

200 words in 6 languages

Video on language and culture from Unesco

Here’s the talk we looked at on the first day of class: Ted Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 



Basic typological information, geographic, demographic, and classification information about all known human languages


UCLA Language Materials Project

Incredibly useful page that has significant amounts of information for a selected group of languages. Languages are organized by country – click on your region to find your country.  The citations for each language will give you direction to find more information.

Open Languages Archive (OLAC)

Tons of resources for general information about your language – organized by country.

Comparative  Bantu Online Dictionary (CBOLD)

Proto Bantu word roots, dictionaries and resources for theoretical study of Bantu languages

 MSU List of languages with links for more information

Languages are listed on the left side. This page is archived, but has tons of resources for Bantu and non-Bantu languages spoken in Africa. Some field notes, some compiled information. 

Languages of Africa – wikipedia

African Languages Classification Word List

Academic article about word lists used in the classification of African languages


Phonetics Archive

UCLA Phonology Lab

General Information about Countries

Foreign Service Institute

These resources were mentioned in the text:

Ega Website for a Niger-Congo/Kwa language spoken in Cote d’Ivoire.  Includes some resources for learning Ega!

Foundation for Endangered Languages more general information about endangered languages – where to get funding and fieldwork guides, etc.

Endangered Language Fund also grants and general information about documentation and preservation.

ELDP so many resources for documentation and preservation – including digital tools (available here) Also includes links on language policyand how policies develop and are connected.  Be sure to look around at their resources – there is lots of language/country specific and general practices…

Open Languages Archive Resources for languages spoken throughout Africa, organized by country.  Includes Swadesh lists & comparative Swadesh lists – links to dictionaries, grammars, publications, etc.

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